New Jersey Family Lawyer

Family Law Attorney, Mediator and Collaborative Divorce Lawyer

Divorce is hard. It is one of the most difficult situations you may go through. You need someone who will focus on YOU – what you need to get past this and on to a new life. Melissa Fecak of South Jersey Divorce Solutions understands. She will work with you to help reduce the stress and conflict that is often associated with divorce.

Making a decision of how you divorce is almost as important as making the decision to divorce. While other firms focus on litigating in the courts using adversarial tactics in hopes of getting results, Melissa uses mindful negotiation strategies and tactics to advocate for a resolution that is positive for you and your family. As a collaborative divorce attorney and family mediator, Melissa can offer you different ways for you to divorce. She works with you to determine what is the best method for you. After all, it is your divorce.